BART is the rapid transit system serving the San Francisco Bay Area. During this five week long project we conducted exploratory research, three rounds of user testing, and came up with three iterations of prototypes.

Team: Kris Fung, Brett Moody

Skills used: Exploratory Design Research, Data Synthesis, Online User-testing, UI Design

Tools Used: Sketch, Illustrator, InDesign, Invision

Download: Poster




The Final UI Design

The Process


Exploratory Research

We conducted interviews at BART stations and observed how people interacted with the current interface.

Through interviews and tracking people's eye movements, we learned that it is hard for people to navigate the system, due to the display order and information overload.






















Data Synthesis

We gathered insights into three categories:

Rose: good feelings

Bud: areas of opportunities

Thorn: bad feelings







Paper Prototype & State Flow







Observing people using existing machines

Rose, bud, thorn

Rose, bud, thorn

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Journey Map, Pain-points, Opportunities, and Solutions

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Some of the Final Screens

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Click to download the poster